His Masterpiece: Discovering The Greatness Within

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In a world that is crying out, "Look at me," or "This is who I am-deal with it," what are we to do as Christians? Follow the example of the world? Fit in? Clash and fight? The battle lines have been drawn, and the war is being fought on the battlefield of identity. Who am I? Is there any purpose to my life? If so, what is it? Have I blown it and missed my chance?

In His Masterpiece, Carl Dulinsky helps readers answer these questions, pointing them to the greatness God has placed within them. With transparency and candor Carl shares his own journey from childhood abuse, leading to a lifestyle of gangs, drugs and ultimately prison. As he chronicles his own road to redemption, Carl uncovers for readers the immensity of God's love and care for his children. This book is a glimpse at humanity through the Master's eyes. He is not mad, but excited to see His people rise and shine.

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Carl Dulinsky is known for his passion and excitement to know God and make him known. He and his wife, Danielle, are the founders and directors of CrossWalk Discipleship Program, where young adults are trained and equipped to impact the world with the love and mercy of God. After a turbulent childhood that led to drug abuse and a prison term, Carl found freedom in Christ. He has been teaching the Word of God since 1998 and has been in full-time ministry since 2010. You can also view Carl's testimony given to the 700 Club.

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