• CrossWalk Video 4

    This video expresses our hunger to know God in a deep and real way! Students talk about how God has impacted their everyday lives.

  • CrossWalk Video 3

    Its hard to fit everything about CrossWalk into a minute ... but here it is!

  • CrossWalk Video 2

    Watch our promo video to hear about CrossWalk from students who have attended and from the Directors.

  • CrossWalk Video 1

    This video captures the heart of CrossWalk. God is moving and our desire is to equip His people to do all that He has planned for them to do.

  • The Story of Jonah

    CrossWalk assignment was to act out the story of Jonah. The students had 3 hours to write the script, prepare the props and locations and then film it. Here's what they came up with!

  • ReBuild

    CrossWalk ran a Wednesday night church service at Word of Life Fellowship. They performed this drama to illustrate the need for the body of Christ to come out of darkness into light and come together in unity.

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