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Who We Are

CrossWalk School of Discipleship is dedicated to equipping young adults to live a life of pursuing God, receiving His power and transforming lives. Whether you plan on serving in ministry within a local church, the business world, college, or anything in between, the training at CrossWalk will set the foundation for success.

Jesus said, "Follow Me." Are you ready to answer His call and become a committed disciple of Jesus? Students focus on their relationship with the Lord and His people through Bible study, devotions, prayer and worship, fellowship and serving. The training consists of classroom instruction and practical application in all areas of the Christian lifestyle. We believe in building the total Christian - body, soul and spirit.

CrossWalk is not just another “program.” There’s a passion burning in us to see a generation become all that God has planned for them to be. We are dedicated not only to teach, but to provide an opportunity for students to
become disciples…to play together, live together, serve together and grow together.

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Our Team

Jonathan and Shelly Foley, Directors

Jonathan and Shelly have given their lives to serve God and build the church.  God has commissioned them to help raise up the next generation to find their place and live their lives well.

Pat and Celene McDonald, Pastors

The Pastors of Word of Life Fellowship, have a burning desire to see young people grounded in the Word of God and living as disciples of Jesus. CrossWalk is a part of Word of Life Fellowship's School of Ministry.

Bob Wilk, Pastor of WLF School of Ministry

Bob oversees CrossWalk and is the Pastor of Word of Life Fellowship's School of Ministry. His mission is to empower people to experience God’s kingdom and fulfill the Lord's calling on their life.

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Address: P.O. Box 97, MiWuk, CA 95346

Office Phone: 209 586 7005

FAX: 1 209 586 0051

Email: info@crosswalkdp.com