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Luke 9:23  And he [Jesus] said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

CrossWalk is a school of discipleship for young adults age 18-25. Our mission is to empower young adults to hear God and live His Word. The training consists of classroom Bible study, daily devotions, prayer and worship, spiritual activation, service and practical application.

In addition to spiritual and character development, the students will develop other practical skills. We believe in building the total Christian - body, soul and spirit. Throughout the course of the year students will learn necessary skills for effective practical living. We cover finances/budget, cooking, time management, relationships, conflict resolution, resumes, job interviews and much more.

The program is divided into four levels as described below: 

Level 1 – Personal Relationship with God
The first month is the introduction level and is “unplugged”. The focus will be on Christ alone; the students will be immersed in the Word, prayer and worship. The purpose of this level is to transition the student from the influence of the media and the distractions of daily life to become intimate with a Holy God.

Level 2 – The Church
During the next three months the students work with the leaders to identify their gifts and calling. They are activated in those gifts and given opportunities to use them in the church. Focus is on classroom teaching, discussion and application, partnering with outreach ministries in various parts of California, and connecting the Body of Christ. Students receive practical ministry training based on their calling and gifts, such as singing on a Worship Team, helping with audio/visual, graphics, media, etc.  

Level 3 – The World (evangelism and missions)
The focus of the next three months is on experience as part of the learning process. Servant-hood, evangelism, and community outreach opportunities will be provided. Students will go on local mission trips and help local families and charities. They learn how to interact with others according to the Word of God.  Focus will be on reaching our world with the love of God.

Level 4 – Walking Victoriously
In the final two months, the students are prepared to take on more responsibilities and not be deterred from the life of a true disciple. They are encouraged to find jobs and learn how to apply all their training to "real life". During this level, they make plans for their life after CrossWalk and learn how to effectively schedule their time. Students will balance a thriving personal relationship with the Lord, being an active member of the local church and living a lifestyle of evangelism.

Upon successful completion of this program, the students are eligible for graduation. There will be a formal ceremony, which includes worship and a time to receive personal direction from the Lord through the ministry of laying on of hands. Students are encouraged to invite family, friends and pastors/youth leaders from their home churches.

F.A.S.T. Track
CrossWalk graduates are eligible to apply for a second year of training called F.A.S.T. Track. F.A.S.T. stands for Faithful - Available - Submitted - Trainable, which are the qualities of a good leader. The first year of CrossWalk students learn how to be a disciple of Jesus, the second year they learn how to disciple others. Only students who show leadership qualities will be eligible for F.A.S.T. Track.


A disciple of Jesus is one who will learn from Him in every way, from understanding His Word to living a Godly lifestyle. Disciples will learn necessary skills for effective practical living. We cover finances/budget, cooking, time management, relationships, conflict resolution, resumes, job interviews and much more.  Practicing these things in life can open doors of ministry and prove valuable to make a disciple available for the needs of others.

CrossWalk believes that God has called everyone in the Church to be an active minister of Jesus Christ. Students have opportunities for “hands on” ministry experiences at various church services or events. This may include prayer, sharing a testimony, singing or playing an instrument in the worship team (if you are gifted in that way) or serving as an usher. There are also opportunities for training and experience in audio/video, graphics, youth ministry, administration, etc.

Students will also serve in community outreaches through out the year, which may include feeding the homeless, volunteering at a local charity, helping with a community church service and more.

Leaders from all over the world come to stay at the Lodge Retreat Center which is adjacent to the CrossWalk campus. CrossWalk students help serve these ministries and in turn have the unique opportunity be ministered to by them.

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